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[DanceNet] Fwd: badmarmarDANCE 2012 / tenSIDES PREMIER






Y O U   A  R E  I N V I T E D


Over the course of the past year badmarmarDANCE has been focused on the development of the full length work, titled tenSIDES. We are proud and excited to present our work on APRIL 27-28  at The Founders Theater / Velocity Dance Center located in Capitol Hill. We, as a company, have a lot to say, and we want to express it to and with you! To communicate our vision with you we have dedicated ourselves to performing ample and intoxicating physical movement,  designing a vibrant yet subtle sound score, and creating a deliberately vacant performance environment that will serve as our canvas to share with you, our tenSIDES.


We hope that you will join us for an evening of dance; a celebration, an exploration, and an experience to share.

badmarmarDANCE company members:
Jill Leversee, Gabriel Bruya, Michele O'Neill, Christin Lusk, Alex Goldstein, Anne Motl, Jen Elder, Danica Bito, Nadia Losonsky, Christina Kennedy

F R O M  the  D I R E C T O R
I have always known that I wanted to create dance, I really mean that. As early as I can remember I have had a voice in my head that fills my mind and heart with images and tangible atmospheres. It was out of necessity that I began to let it out, that I began to speak with my inner voice, and that I began to develop a relationship with my inner artist. Fast forward, today I am a 35 year old artist with an abundance of experience as a performer, student, teacher, choreographer, director, producer, friend, daughter, partner, and mother. And I share these universal labels with you because I feel it is important for you to know just a bit  about me to understand or begin to be interested in my work, my company, my art . 
I identify myself as an extremely empathetic and intuitive woman. These traits have served me well as an artist, to this day each work that I am proud of or have valued has been about the human condition, the human response, the humanity in all of us (as I see and feel it). Every experience in my life has informed my work.
Now here's the thing, this (tenSIDES) started out as "one of my biggest dreams is to be courageous enough to produce and present a full length work", it has become the vehicle for  exposing every fear, vulnerability, and insecurity that I knew and also had NO idea existed. tenSIDES began as the exploration of love, hate, lust, apathy, hope, despair, altruism, malice, shame, and honesty- ten universal motivators. Let me tell you though, open that can of worms, and a whole hell of a lot comes pouring out! 
tenSIDES has become a physically expressed allegory of my life and the shared experiences of my dancer's lives. tenSIDES is a trip into another's perception. Now this perception may relate to your own, it may evoke your own ideas, or may challenge you to defend your perceptions...all of which are good and satisfying but not necessary either. 
My hope is that you come out of curiosity or you will come to explore another world (one that may exist in some small or large part within you or someone you love), or to offer support to an artist involved in badmarmarDANCE,  or you will come to hide away in the escape that live theater and dance is for so many of us. Just come, open your mind, maybe your heart, and experience what we have been investing our minds, bodies, and souls in.
With all my thanks and gratitude,
Marlo Stafford-Martin